A guided online journey through your family history.

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Why YourTour?

Everyone deserves to experience the meaningful enjoyment that family stories can bring them, but not everyone wants to spend time in archives or online. 

Understanding this, Historic Productions offers online guided sessions with experts - YourTour™ - that will take you on a journey of discovery and memory.

Take YourTour™ - Discover Yourself.


How it Works

​Taking a YourTour™ only needs an hour, requires answering 4 preparatory questions and can be completed in an hour or taken in a series creating a longer, wider-ranging journey.

What You'll Get

A best-in-class, qualified Genealogist who will research and then lead you through the archives to reveal your own family history in a sensitive and secure environment.

Working at home
04.10.12. Genealogy and Family History 1 - Old Photographs and Documents from around 1880-

What people are saying about YourTour

"I felt so energised and informed afterwards! I'm not a family history buff but it was so interesting being shown how people in my family actually lived. 

GW, London


Prices & Booking

Each YourTour™ is £135 plus VAT and lasts one hour

To book a YourTour™ guided session follow the link below

The perfect present for your loved one.

A YourTour™ E-Voucher is a unique personalised gift for your family or friends, whatever the occasion.

We will need their email address so we can send them their e-voucher on your chosen day.